yoga retreat in bali

Bali Yoga Retreat

Mandalas, Massage and Meditation

  • When: TBA – retreats are 7 days
  • Where: the Ark (25 minutes from Ubud)
  • Cost: $1850 ($150 off for both of you if you bring a friend!)
Yoga studio mandala Bali
Surya Tara Yoga is holding it’s yearly pilgrimage to this unique corner of the world known for its healing energy, culture, tropical spas, holistic practitioners & artists from around the world. Amidst the two yoga classes a day, chocolate making workshop, water purification ceremony with Bali’s youngest Priestess, mandala workshop, massage, fire ceremony and ecstatic dance, our aim is to make you feel nurtured, rejuvenated and to have embarked on an inward journey of the soul.

Bali is the world’s leading destination for yoga and spiritual retreats, and is a magical place of ancient temples, spiritual connection and renewal. If you are interested in attending our August 2017 yoga retreat in Bali please contact Ruth at: or call 0451 504147

  • Wow. Where does one start. My yoga retreat trip to Bali I considered a bucket list. The flexibility My body gained in the week was impressive and inspiring. I loved how the itinerary was flexible, but had structure at the same time. Ruth, your yoga style was just perfect for me and I'm only disappointed I don't live closer. Trip of a lifetime!
    Avetta Malcolm
  • I've just come home from the beautiful Yoga Retreat in Bali where I spent a week with Surya Tara Yoga's Ruth Miller and a group of like minded people who are now my friends. This trip was my first overseas experience and was everything I'd hoped for and more. Ruth made us feel safe, nurtured and loved and supported us to challenge ourselves, to grow personally, spiritually and become physically stronger and more focused in our practise. All in all, I cannot thank Ruth enough for planning such a life changing experience. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for a while, I can truly and sincerely recommend her retreats to everyone. I am so blessed to have met her, and for her teaching to be a part of my journey.
    Donna Culliver
  • I just felt like saying thank you again. Thanks for being part of my spiritual growth, thanks for all the opportunities to learn and open up, thanks for all the great moments we shared. You changed my life forever, change that I truly embrace.
    Susanne Urwyler
  • I am so excited to have been fortunate enough to attend the inaugural 7-day Surya Tara Bali Yoga Retreat. The combined Iyengar and Yoga Nidra teachings and activities championed by Adelaide Yoga teacher Ruth quietened my mind to enable a deeper awareness of - the common  issues that challenge us in daily life, how to re-balance both mind and body, the benefits of increasing compassion for others, the philosophy of ‘acceptance’.
    David Ainscough
  • I'm really glad I came on the retreat, I had such a good time. I liked the pranayama start of the morning at 7am which was do-able. I'm not a great talker in the morning, so really enjoyed the few times we were encouraged to be silent. The yoga sessions I enjoyed too, how you tailored them to how we felt and what was happening around us. The Mandala workshop was a great ice breaker. Thank you so much for your love, leadership and authenticity!
    Pia Drew

the location

Overlooking beautiful rice terraces, The Ark is a holistic retreat centre dedicated to health, healing, learning, and growing. Just a 25 minute walk from Ubud, The ark specialises in fresh pressed juices, smoothies, raw and cooked vegetarian food from their organically inspired kitchen. Relax in the pool in quiet surroundings or take an infra-red sauna treatment to soothe away any aches and pains. Open to expansive rice field views, a temple and lush Balinese jungle, each of the bedrooms has a private bathroom, and air conditioning.  The relaxed spacious lounge space an dining room is perfect for chilling out, catching up with your fellow yogis, or simply reading a book. The beautiful yoga bale (open sided studio with thatched roof) has hardwood floors and is fully equipped overlooking the 20m pool and rice fields. Built to an architect’s design and the landscaped gardens provide natural and private areas next to the rice fields and beautiful forest. This is only accessible by bike or scooter from the main road, and is away from the hubbub of Ubud life.

your yoga instructors

Ruth Stanton has been living in Adelaide for 8 years, having moved from the UK where she trained in Karuna Yoga with Ruth White, of the Iyengar lineage. Ruth has been teaching yoga since 1999 and although her background is very much of the alignment (or Iyengar) style, she has since trained with many different teachers and schools of yoga, including Satyananda, where the Yoga Nidra tradition originates from, and is currently exploring flow yoga. Having done various teacher training courses to further her yoga knowledge, she has recently qualified with AAYT to teach yoga for breast cancer with Annette Loudon.

Emma Latham and Ruth Stanton Miller
Sabrina yoga back arch

Also, her interest in Yoga Nidra has led to a detailed study of this subject, and her classes often include this deep, guided meditation process. The level of yoga will be tailored to the group, no previous experience is necessary. Ruth’s nurturing and intuitive style of yoga is perfect for small classes and her focus is on quietening the mind and heart opening. There is joyful bliss inside our hearts, and yoga is the perfect way to find it!

Developing your yoga practice for a week at The Ark with the twice daily classes will allow you to deepen your mind/body connection, to focus your attention inwards. The various themes of the classes will be based around heart opening and addressing various issues, which may arise, both physical and emotional. In recognition of each student’s individual needs and depending on their physical capabilities, the yoga will be designed to help everyone’s own personal journey. The emphasis on this retreat is on going inward, rather than creating the perfect posture! It won’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yogic practitioner, when you leave you will take these tools with you to incorporate into your daily life.

Ruth Stanton Miller teacher adjust
Flower Mandala with hands

Emma Latham is a fellow yoga teacher, originally from the UK, settled in Bali to follow her dreams. She now runs yoga and rejuvenation retreats in Bali for those who want to find peace, tranquility and connection in their lives. She has a special talent in creating beautiful Mandala ceremonies and helping other to find their inner strength and wisdom. For those chocolate lovers amongst you, a chocolate making workshop is included, and you’ll get the chance to practise some cacao yoga! Emma’s talent lies in holding space to focus on internalising and finding the essence of beauty within, allowing our lives to flow.

from the beginning

On our arrival, there will be an opening ceremony, and a blessing by the local priest, flowers, gamelan music and refreshments. This is our opportunity to honour the local people, the culture, their traditions, the land and it’s spirits ~ this is truly a magical place. Ceremonies are the backbone of the Hindu culture, and the Balinese take this very seriously. A similar ceremony is held at the end of the retreat also.

Your week…

This is your time, your space and your week ~ feel free to take part in everything or in what feels right for you at the time. Alongside the yoga, workshops and meal times, there will also be plenty of time for swimming in the pool, reading a book, lying in a hammock, watching squirrels and doves, strolling to through the forest and even a spot of shopping for those who are interested!

The days will roughly be set out as follows…

  • 7 am ~ Pranayama
  • 7.30am ~ silent tea & fruit
  • 8am ~ main yoga class (2 hrs)
  • 10.30am ~ Brunch (main meal of the day)
  • Afternoon ~ free time / workshops
  • 3pm ~ tea and light snacks
  • 4pm ~ gentle yoga class
  • 6pm ~ Dinner
  • 7pm ~ evening workshops / free time

Some days will vary depending on the schedule.

The week is looking like… (changes may occur before Aug!) There will be plenty of unscheduled time to relax in the gorgeous surroundings at The Ark also!

  • Day 1 ~ arrival and welcome ceremony
  • Day 2 ~ Mandala workshop
  • Day 3 ~ Chocolate making workshop
  • Day 4 ~ Massages & Fire ceremony
  • Day 5 ~ Water ceremony with Balinese Priestess
  • Day 6 ~  “Ecstatic dance” at the Yogabarn
  • Day 6 ~ Chakra cleansing day
  • Day 7 ~ farewell and  depart

what activities or opportunities are available

Your retreat price includes a free traditional Balinese massage (and there will be plenty of opportunity to book second or third massages!). There are many other options of things to do during your free time ~ raw cooking classes, myofascial massage, craniosacral massage, emotional therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, breathwork, sound healing, intimacy and sexuality coaching, massage, skin rejuvenation treatments, renting a bicycle or scooter, walking through the rice fields…the list is endless!

Obviously I would love us all to spend as much time together as a group, but there are so many things on offer, and I understand the need for space on our own. This retreat is about you, and we will cater for your personal needs as much as possible in this Peaceful ambiance. Allow your spirit to wander, explore the cozy corners around the property, there is a sense of privacy here which is perfect for retreating. Give yourself permission to replenish your soul with love.


The accomodation at The Ark is stylish and relaxing in style. The rooms are based on elegant simplicity and live up to Western standards having their own outside bathroom, and air conditioning. Enjoy the absence of TV-sets and iPads and nurture yourself in this elegant simplicity.

Master bedroom blue house The Ark


All meals are included in the price (except if we eat out). Vegetarian wholesome meals will be served for brunch and dinner, and  there will be plenty of snacks, fruit and drinks available all day. The Ark is well known for it’s approach to healthy food, as they specialising in detoxing and juicing. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know as soon as possible.


the cost

The full price for the retreat is $1850

The price includes all accommodation and food at The Ark, yoga with Ruth Miller, transfers to and from the airport, trip to the Temple for blessing, It also includes a massage at The Ark, Mandala workshop with Emma Latham and all workshops scheduled during the retreat. It does not include  the flights, the taxes, meals off The Ark premises, tipping, extra massages, or henna tattoos or anything extra you wish to do that isn’t included in the schedule. We also recommend a $50 tip for the staff at The Ark.

As a special incentive, if you bring a friend, you will both receive $150 each off the price of the retreat.

Chocolate making workshop

Reserve Your Spot


Please let me know of your travel arrangements as soon as you’ve made them, so that I can let you know if any other participants are on your flight.

Most people will arrive Monday the 31st  in the late evening, and pay for an extra night at The Ark, and will catch the “red eye” flight on Tuesday the 8th in the late evening – which arrives back in Adelaide early Wednesday morning.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on 0451 504147 or via email ~

I look forward to seeing you in Bali, for this beautiful experience!